Outstanding facility that represents a comprehensive approach to waste handling. waste to energy recovery a systematic approach to process improvement. A focus on continuous improvement. Lastly the commitment to an overall environmental solution is commendable and responsible.
Richard Fish, C.O.O, AlterNRG Corp. Canada
A very strong and diverse team who is dedicated to the disposal of waste safely. We are pleased to have a strategic partnership with SMSIL.
Mark Montemurro, President & C.E.O, AlterNRG Corp., Canada
Superb facility. its proud to see such an unique facility. The housekeeping never lets you feel that hazardous waste is handled. You have an excellent team, very knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated & more than that very friendly.
Syed Khaja Mohiddim, Special officer to Chief Minister, Karnataka State, India
Thank you for your good and frank remarks on the challenges in completing the PG plant. Perhaps you can be more explicit on what you would have done better. Overall your hospitality was excellent and beyond expectations.
Sukit Bejrsuwana, Renewables Plus Co. ltd, Bangkok, Thailand
Thank you for a very informative and professional tour of your plant. Reichhold very much appreciates the service provided by your company.
Very impressed by the development and the plasma gasification plant, using the latest technology
Dato' Fu Ah Kiow, Chairman, Future NRG Sda Bhd., Malaysia
A commendable task for the innovativeness. Good organization and system establishment. A very good learning experience. Keep it up.
Dr.Karl Decker, Germany
Very impressive plant. Very commendable efforts to have succeeded in putting up first of its kind in the world.
Su Thai Ping, M.D., Future NRG Sda Bhd., Malaysia
Very interesting and benchmark process for the treatment of waste.
Competent and committed work force. A breakthrough in the field of waste disposal with least pollution, environment friendly and highly commendable. Good wishes for all times
Valsa Singh, Chairman MPCB & Secretary Environment Government of Maharashtra, India
Excellent waste disposal plant with latest technology where gases are being used for generation of electricity and inert reject is used as construction material.
R. K. Jain, M.S. Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board, India
Excellent facility, some very innovative ideas are being developed. Keep up the Good work.
Dr.Manju Raina, Director, Ministry of Environment and Forest, New Delhi
It was our pleasure to be here and to visit your plant. We hope that it was first step in our future cooperation.
Dariusz Piechowski, Director of the Department of Environment Protection, Development & Investment, Poland
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